Exploring the Changes the Current Administration Has Made to the Nursing Home Industry | Among his many campaign elements, Donald J. Trump promised to deregulate significant portions of the healthcare industry, cutting fines and easing restrictions imposed by the Affordable Care Act — spearheaded...

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What is a Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Rating, and How Can it Lower Your Clients’ Workers’ Compensation Costs? | In the business world, one of the largest expenses employers will face is that of workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ comp was developed to protect employers and...

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Across the country, millions of elderly and disabled people rely on the medical care provided by nursing homes and long-term care facilities. These facilities occupy an important sector of the overall healthcare system, delivering compassionate and accurate care for an at-risk population. Some of...

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In the United States, the home health care sector is booming. The sector has seen tremendous growth over the past decade and accounts for over $90 billion in gross output. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over five million people receive medical services fro...

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Throughout the United States, millions of elderly and disabled individuals receive care in nursing homes and skilled care facilities. By and large, these facilities provide patients with the compassionate and accurate medical care they need. Unfortunately, even the best nursing homes will face co...

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In the modern healthcare industry, nursing homes perform a critical, yet often overlooked, role. These facilities are designed to provide long-term care to patients, supplementing and often replacing the care patients receive in hospitals and clinics. Patients are typically the elderly, but many ...

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The healthcare industry faces many challenges as it delivers compassionate care to patients of all ages. One of the primary challenges is that of workplace “burnout”, where caregivers like nurses and physicians experience high stress levels and a subsequent decline in performance. This is often d...

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Nurses are an important–even essential–part of the healthcare landscape. These skilled professionals are responsible for numerous aspects of the healthcare delivery model, providing care and comfort for patients both in and out of medical facilities like nursing homes. In today’s litigious societ...

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Sometimes referred to as private-duty home care or allied healthcare, home health care is one area of the healthcare market that is experienced tremendous growth in recent years. In the past, home health care was considered a luxury all but out of reach of most seniors. Today, with advances in te...

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Insurance Services

  • Workers’ Comp Claims Management

    Workers’ Compensation claims management is usually one of the most challenging issues businesses face. From proper filing procedures to paying out benefits, the whole process can be time consuming to say the least. Our goal at Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services is to help businesses that self-insure their Workers’ Comp have the proper claims management processes in place. This involves combining loss prevention, excess placement and claims management solutions as well as Third Party Administrator (TPA) oversight services so that a business is properly set up at the onset.
  • Excess Placement Services

    If your clients are looking for an alternative to traditional insurance coverage, Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services provides excess placement services. Our excess placement services can help accounts already currently enrolled in an alternative risk-financing program or those desiring access to the alternative risk market. At Caitlin-Morgan, our connections within the alternative risk and offshore markets provide our clients with market access to carriers around the world. This ability to place reinsurance though the domestic and offshore insurance market gives us the tools needed for all types of reinsurance placements.
  • Risk Management Services

    Risk is inherent in any type of business. The key is for a business seeking to grow over the long-term to seriously and objectively look at all the risks it faces, and take steps now to protect itself. For many of our clients here at Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services that means the implementation of the objective risk assessment and management services, which we have been providing for many years now.
  • Underwriting Services

    As a Managing General Underwriter (MGU), we hold the pen for several of our key programs. This allows us to underwrite accounts in-house and provide quick, responsive quotes for you to service your clients effectively and efficiently. It also enables us to provide you with customized solutions to address specific exposures unique to your client’s industry segment and operation, help close gaps that may exist and mitigate risk.
  • Workers’ Comp Self-Insurance

    A self-insurance Workers’ Compensation program is an alternative to purchasing a traditional policy, and is based on a decision to retain risk rather than to insure it. It differs from traditional insurance in that a plan is needed to pay for losses as they occur. A self-insurance program may be funded from operation cash balances or through systematic payments into a special reserve fund.The motivation for becoming self-insured is usually driven by the desire to reduce costs. However, the most important benefit may be the essential control over claims administration and safety and loss control efforts gained by a self-insurer.
  • Commercial Property Insurance

    When looking to place coverage for catastrophe and non-catastrophe exposures, Caitlin Morgan can assist you with a tailored policy to fit your client’s unique risks. We focus on small to midsize firms that include residential/commercial to light manufacturing facilities and builder’s risk accounts. On cat-driven accounts, we partner with underwriting experts who use advanced technology and modeling tools to evaluate risk and manage portfolio accumulations.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance

    Cyber threats, data breach and data loss have permeated every industry segment, with large and small businesses vulnerable to hack attacks and crimes, malicious viruses and network security risks. This emerging threat makes headlines each and every day with companies and organizations looking to beef up their cyber security to mitigate risks.The insurance industry in the last several years has responded with a number of Cyber Liability insurance policies available on the market that can be tailored to address an individual’s business unique exposures as well as that of the segment of which it a part. Making this coverage a component of client’s insurance program is key to any effective risk management plan.Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services, a leading MGU and wholesaler, can help you to do so. We work with several carriers to provide Cyber coverage to respond to a myriad of exposures.
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

    Today more than ever, privately held companies, non-profits and public corporations face a wide range of threats that can severely hinder operations and financial stability, not the least of which is a threat of litigation against one’s board, officers or LLC members. The personal assets of these groups can be on the line.Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services offers Directors & Officers Liability (D&O) insurance for the various programs we provide including for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, and medical facilities in addition to other businesses. As a wholesaler, we have access to several recognized national carriers that specialize in D&O insurance. We can provide a policy that addresses your insured’s specific exposures. In addition, coverage is available for the different segments of leadership within a company.
  • Environmental Liability Insurance

    From restoration contractors and environmental consultants who are exposed to both E&O and pollution liability risks as a result of the services they perform, such as mold; to the transportation segment that hauls construction materials, medical waste, garbage, etc.; to facilities that process, handle, or dispose of waste materials, innovative insurance products to address a wide range of environmental risks are required. Caitlin Morgan is poised to provide you with these solutions supported by our carrier’s partner team of dedicated environmental experts, underwriters, engineers and attorneys experienced in identifying risks and how to best protect against them.
  • Home Healthcare Insurance

    At Caitlin Morgan, we’re passionate about helping you and your clients succeed. As an MGU, we’re recognized for our best-in-class specialty insurance programs for assisted living facilities, nursing homes and independent living facilities. In addition, as a premier wholesaler, we offer insurance products for the home healthcare sector, which includes companies that provide healthcare services in patients’ private residences, assisted living or independent living facilities. Our solutions are designed to fit the risks your clients face, helping to protect their businesses while providing them with the ability to focus on sustained growth. From small to large and complex risks, we are available to help you secure the insurance protection your individual clients require.
  • Allied Medical Facilities Insurance

    Understanding the challenges and exposures associated with healthcare requires experience and in-depth expertise. The kind we’ve amassed at Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services. It also takes insight into the risks and unique insurance needs of a broad range of allied medical facilities. Our staff provides this, too. With this experience at work for you, Caitlin Morgan offers liability protection solutions for your healthcare clients.
  • Workers’ Compensation

    At Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services, we have been specializing in the placement of guaranteed cost Workers’ Compensation for many years. Our distinct advantage is due to strong underwriting expertise. Our carrier partners trust us to place good business at a fair price. Our staff has many years of experience in the areas of underwriting, claims management and loss prevention. Whether your client is a minimum premium account or a tougher to place risk, Caitlin Morgan is here to help you meet your clients’ needs.


a year ago
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services for many years now. I personally have recommended their Nursing Home, Assisted Living and Home Health Care products to numerous agency clients and always hear good things. If you’re an insurance agent who likes responsive and professional service then these are your guys…
- Paul N

Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services

Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is an MGU and wholesale brokerage that helps independent agents place business and develop package programs for select industry niches, providing products in four core areas: Workers’ Compensation Wholesale Brokerage, Captive Consulting and Administration, Alternative Risk Products, and Healthcare Wholesale Brokerage

There are three key underlying factors that drive Caitlin Morgan’s success: expertise, responsiveness, and price competitiveness. Each of our staff members has experience as underwriters, providing a level of unparalleled expertise in the markets we serve. Our approach is to look at each risk internally to determine if what we can do and where we can add value. Whether we can write the risk or not, we’ll let our agency partners know immediately if we can provide them with a quote and cover. Our expertise allows us to be responsive to the needs of both the retail agent and the insured being served.

Our programs are also competitively priced and have staying power. We work with markets committed to the profitability and longevity of the program.

Develop Custom Programs 

Our distribution network consists of agents across the United States, providing you with the opportunity to earn full commission in your direct marketing area and an override for business written outside your marketing area.

We are a member of the BIG I, The Indiana Agent Association as well as other various agent associations around the country. Additionally, we belong to the Vermont Captive Association.

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